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To Brexit or Not to Brexit?

It is a neverending story. Theoretically the ultimatum
for Great Britain to leave the European Union would
have expired on friday at midnight. Now it seems as
if the ultimatum has been extended another 6 months.

Premier Theresa May has announced that the EU has agreed to extend the Brexit ultimatum to the End of October which means, the UK have another 6 months to find an agreement for an ordered Brexit.

The situation is clear. Should the UK exit the EU with any form of agreement, then this could mean difficulties between North and South Ireland as South Ireland is not participating the Brexit. This would mean that the border between North and South Ireland has to be controlled again to ensure all legitimate border transfers and crossings.

But there’s more to it: Since UK is then an own country in Europe (like Switzerland or Norway) it would make bilateral contracts necessary again to ensure the trading agreements and economy basics for both sides. A fact which is known from Switzerland and the EU as well and which shows that the manifestation of bilateral contracts is everything but easy.

The map reflects the situation as it would be when the Brexit is done. Northern Ireland and the UK would become a souvereign area in the EU again, like Switzerland and Norway. This could lead into difficulties if the Brexit is done without any agreements between UK and the EU, especially the situation of South Ireland. Additional border controls might become necessary cutting South Ireland ecologically off from the EU or at least raising costs for all the additional administrative efforts.

So while the UK is now still sort-of member of the EU till end of October, the situation all in all still is not better. The doomsday has just moved away a little further in order for all the polticians in the UK to finally find a solution for the ordered Brexit that is agreeable for both parties…

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