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Microsoft’s TellMe vs. Apple’s Siri

Seems, Microsoft is trying to bring out a similar feature, called TellMe, as Apple
has with Siri. However the successful recognition rate is far behind Apple’s Siri.
Now you could impute pro-Apple advertisement to me but I don’t need to do
any way of commercial advertisement for apple or the like. A video shows, why!

This video shows a direct face-2-face race with both OSses. And by far more funny: While Apple’s Siri correctly regognized the command “create a meeting at 10 A.M.”, TellMe blatantly failed with a rather strange recognized sentence: “Create a meeting at teen anal”

Ummm… maybe some pedophile programmers sitting at the coding of TellMe’s voice recognition service? No one knows for sure but I’d rather blush red and wanted to jump into a black hole just opening in front of me when my phone replies me my command in this absolutely wrong manner!

But watch for yourself and have a big laugh about the other wrong recognition attempts of TellMe…

Microsoft: Sit down, F –  and believe me, you’re going to see many of them if you don’t improve TellMe significantly!

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