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EU parliament approved Art.13

This is truly a bad day in european history!
Despite the fact that Article 13 of the copyright
plan will definitely lead to an uncontrollable
censorship of free opinion and free speech…

…the european parliament has ratified Article 13 of the copyright directive with 348 to 274 votes. Along with Article 11 this now means that copanies now have to employ countermeasures to avoid copyrighted material being uploaded on their publicly accessible systems.

This will affect all companies that either have been 3 years online, generating a turnover of 5 million euros per year or have more than a million hits per month. Whichever of these criterias is met will force the company to act according to Article 11 and 13 of the new copyright law.

Prepeare to see a new internet of speech where big companies (Google, Getty Image, RIAA, MPAA and other copyright holders) define of what we are allowed to share among us. If you thought, Article 11 and 13 will help artists to get more money if their work is used online by others then you’re definietely wrong because companies like the ones mentioned above are the real winners in this ugly game. Although a massive number of people have demonstrated against this overhaul, the European parliament once again has kicked democracy with their feet using their own power they were once given by the people they should usually listen to!

Eventhough this blog is non-profit, we’re unsure how things will go on in the future. But we’re watching further copyright menace with eyes wide open and carefully.

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