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Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed… again!

No good time for Boeing at the moment. Another
plane of the just recently released Boeing 737 Max 8
has crashed in Ethopia. Few months before the same
type crashed in Indonesia. What’s wrong, Boeing?

While flying is still the safest form of travelling, you can get into an accident and most likely loose your life. This happened just again with a Boeing 737 Max 8 which seems to have a severe problem with the  stall check unit that should prevent stalling and the inevitable crashing of the plane that gets into trouble when stalling.

While the Airbus A320neo is a best seller for Airbus, the direct concurring machine, namely the 737 Max 8 from Boeing has severe problems right now. In China this plane is forced to stay down until the problem with the malfuctioning stall control unit is fixed. This doesn’t come in handy for Boeing has they intend to release the new 777 is just around the corner. And with over 5000 machines of the Max 8 in the pipe, accidents like these are devastating. Time for Boeing to act fast and find the problem before another plane of that type drags 160+ human lifes to death!

The main problem is that still over 300 machines of this type are flying around and no one knows for sure if they suffer from the same problem. Fact is that the machine that crashed was in operation for just a few months. And from new, modern machines you usually expect that they work as designed and are not a danger for your life…

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