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Apple gets patent on location-based services

Today, Apple has got the patent on location-based information services. Using
GPS to locate the user and then providing him/her with the available infor-
mation available to that location seems to be a growing market. No wonder,
Apple wants to protect this kind of intellectual property…

I see some lawsuits coming up against other companies also using this kind of techique to provide location-based services to their customers. I wonder, how long this patent-grabbing and lawsuit-filing will continue. A monopoly with Apple seems much more possible now. Although Apple products are really good, I hate the idea of them to get hands on all kinds of patents as this is about to bring innovative ideas from competitors to a complete standstill.

The other thing might be that you might be showered with advertisement when entering a certain location or area. Today you can switch them all off. But will that be possible in the future?

Well, let’s see when the next lawsuit against Google or Samsung is coming up. Can’t be that long though!

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