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When a police officer gets nervous…

We all know the situation wehn someone or something is
annoying us either by emitting annoying sounds or when
trying to catch our attention by movement and other
actions. A small chihuahua had to feel the consequences!

The small puppy was barking at the officer trying to reach the premises. When the little dog was too annoying, he pulled his gun and fired at the puppy.

The shot hit the chihuaha right through his right cheek breaking it’s jaw. Luckily the bullet missed the head at height of the brain.
Thus the chihuahua survived the gunfire with a broken jaw. Poor little fella!

The officer stated that he felt endangered by the puppy and tried to defend himself from the vicious dog.

While the officer tried to make people believe that dog was a terrifying beast, the video shows that the officer just had a short fused that blew and released his anger on a small dog.

After this video came up and has shown that the dog was just barking at the officer (as he’s a stranger!) and made no attempts to bite the officer, the officer was later fired for firing at an innocent and harmless animal.

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