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NanoSD… NM Card… what?!?

Well, we all know SD memory cards, right?
We all know MiniSD memory cards, right?
We all know MicroSD memory cards, right again?
But who knows of NanoSD memory cards?

Well We’ve seen a lot in the past when it comes to memory for mobile devices.

These little memory cards get smaller and smaller every time the devices get smaller.

Now we have microSDXC cards that hold up to a whopping 512GB.

But for the Huawei Mate20 Pro for example, these memory cards are too large! Not memory-wise but rather the fact that it just won’t fit in the card tray! Can you believe that? A microSDXC card is alredy tiny! Yet that seems too large!

So Huawei has “invented” a new formfactor for the SD cards.

VoilĂ , here it is, the nanoSD or as Huawei names them, NM card:

First we thought, this must be a bad joke just at the end of the year but, heck, no! Huawei exclusively sells these cards to owners of their flagship smartphone, the Mate 20 Pro. Now that phone is really big (over 6 inch display diameter!) yet it seems that the memory card had to loose size to fit in that huge phone.

With a price tag of roughly 60 US$ for an 128GB card, these are slightly more expensive than their next bigger models, the MicroSDXC cards. It is not known, however who is the manufacturer of these cards. But since Sandisk is usually the first to release new capacities and/or new technologies, it might not be a big surprise if they are also the manufacturers of the nanoSD cards. Huawei says that the size will also be 256GB and first reseraches brought us shops listing the 256GB model for roughly 130 US$.

However if they say “slightly” more expensive, that is just a bit… umm… understatement? Because an equally-sized microSDXC comes at way lower prices. For example the 128GB microSDXC Extreme from SanDisk is priced at 29.99 US$ and the 256GB model comes at 89.99 US$. So for the 128GB size you can save up to 50% and even on the 256GB model you save up to 25%.

And there’s another downside: If you want to put that card into a reader, you will need a special adapter to do so! Because most cardreaders won’t be able to take that card natively. However the usage aside the Mate 20 Pro will be quite rare as the phone itself will probably make that card available as external storage once your phone is hooked to the computer!

So what do you think?

Is the NM card (nanoSD) necessary?

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