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Better check where you grab your money!

Today I spotted a video that made me think about reptiles again. Well, in Spain
it seems, some snakes prefer the money output slot to hold a rest or something
else they’re doing in there. At least a viper is a poisonous snake and you’d
prefer not to be bitten by such one. Especially not when you’re on vacation.

Anyways it made me also think about the fact why the money output slot is always open at these ATM. It makes no sense as all the ATM here in Switzerland have covered money output slots that only open when the money is being transported to the slot when withdrawn. Maybe is is an older model of an ATM but the environment seems rather new. So maybe the banks over there seem to save money on the additional security equipment that could also avoid manipulation on the ATM itself.

For now it’s better to check the ATM first before you blindly grab your money from the output slot. It might avoid you great pain!

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