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Discovering Bern with Rosiv

Although The one day was real short for a tour thru Bern, I decided to show Rosiv
some places I really like about Bern. So our tour mostly went thru the old town of
Bern. Starting at Zytglogge walking down to the Münster then going on to the
Bärengraben. Later we went down to the Matte (a borough of Bern) to the Aare.

Finally we took the Marzili-Bähnli up back to the parliament in hope to see a spectacular lightshow there. However this starts at October 16th according to the local news.

Here are the pics we made during our small tour thru bern:

[scrollGallery id=4]

Interesting is the school playground with the many signs At the gym hall there are two signs that forbids playing soccer, just below it allows it? What the heck?!

Someone loves absurd signs? We didn’t have a clue at all…

The sunset at Kirchfeldbrücke made the day nice. Afterwards we went home and played Duke Nukem Forever on the PS3 which arrived just this thursday…

Unfortunately the weekend was nearing the end, because Rosiv had to return to Munich on Sunday noon again :/

Here’s his experience on his blog: Read it (german) (link no longer available as old blog is offline :( )

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