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The iPhone 4S has arrived in Germany

October 14th, Munich 5a.m. – What’s so special about this time and date?
Well, Rosiv is waiting for getting his hands on the new iPhone 4S and decided to
get in the waiting line at this time that grew until Rosengraben which means
approx 100 metres of people! (300 upon a blog entry). YIKES!

That thing sells better than expected after many people were isappointed that no iPhone 5 was shown on Apple’s October 2011 Keynote. However I think, it has a bit to do with Steve Jobs’ death on october 5th and a bit loyalty. The other part, the nerd-factor may additionally shovel in some more people…

And all that for a cell phone. Sick or just freaked out? Decide for yourself. Rosiv has told e that he does it once to be one of them and probably UNDERSTAND this strange behavior. But I suppose that 2-4 °C don’t invite much for such an action. I, for myself am still waiting a bit longer. My contract with orange is still running and expiring and I have already asked for an offer when the 4S hits the swiss stores on October, 28th.

And NO, I am NOT standing 5 hrs in a line to get my hands on (if possible anyways…) a 64GB model in black. And if I don’t get one… well… tough luck then. Some time the phone will be available again and for a better price condition then.

At the time of writing, the line has grown into the Sendlinger Straße just in front of the Starbucks Coffee shop. About 300m of people waiting for the new iPhone. About 1000 people… Gheez!
Look at this map to imagine the length of the line…

(click to enlarge the image)

And for your question if I am disappointed of the iPhone 4S: Difficult to say, so let me break this into categories.

The monolithic design of the iPhone 4 series may look outdated, yet the material mix is great and the haptics are just excellent. So the 4S in this case isn’t a fail as other people say.

Yep, the 4S comes with a real fast processor and an updated graphics core, thus be able to provide more CPU speed and graphics power. All that with a similar battery run time as the iPhone 4 offers. So in this part I see no fail, too.

With 1GB of RAM (the iPhone 4 has 512MB) programs may run much silkier. The boost from 32GB to 64GB of maximum storage even allows you to carry bigger music libs with you or take long-term videos. I don’t see any fail here, too.

Classic, black and white, nothing else but also nothing else needed in my opinion. And yes, I like the black design better than the white one where you see the light sensor above the receiver speaker. But there are also “color” mods that allow you to make the back of the device either transparent or… pink… *shiver*

iOS 5 brings a bunch of neato features I am also already testing. the new information central is nice to look at and the inline information of incoming messages from most messaging apps and social networks that do not interfere with your actual work are also nice features to mention. I hated it when a message bubble was informing me about new messages and interrupted me in my actual work on the iPhone… – Another important thing they got now is that you can do OTA-Updates on your phone. What that means? No complete flashing that will have you loose some information or positioning of your apps. Your phone will be up to date with no hassle and no need to have iTunes in near – So all in all no fail here also!

Other technics:
NFC – near field communication. – Sure, it is a bt disappointing that this technology ain’t available. But hey, NFC isn’t so much spreaded that you’d urgently need it. So what.
LTE – Okay, tough one here. Yet, there’s no large coverage of LTE available and it’s still in testing. The y expect LTE to become ready for the masses in Q4 2012 or Q1 2013 and with good tariffs.
You could speak of a little fail here!

All in all even the “old” 4 isn’t an old-fashioned phone and it also has it’s charme and power! Sure, the Siri function isn’t available at the moment but hey, i won’t die not having it either!

So let’s see what Tim Cook is cooking in the background when it’s time for the Apple Keynote Event in April 2012… maybe the iPhone 5 is then being shown. Yet I don’t expect much changes as processors can’t get much faster without draining your battery in record time…

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