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Gingerbread-Hearts in Germany

Nothing special, you may say? I agree with you in most times. You see them almost on
every fair, even at parties they appear more and more. So why this blog entry then if
they’re not so special? Since these gingerbread-hearts get manufactured by machine
more and more, all that has to be done, is the sugar-frame and inscript to be applied to it.

Mostly this is done by manpower. “I love you” and such things are most common texts you may find on these. But what happens, if the thesaurus of the people applying the texts to the gingerbread-hearts is limited or in many cases “filled” with wrong spelling of words or even wrong syntax?

Well, to answer that question, you’d have a look at these images. I will state the sentences right, and highlight the mistakes so that you don’t have to puzzle what’s wrong in them.

Thanks fly out to Pianoman who sent me those pics!

Dück mich”? – The inscriptor probably meant “Drück mich”
Translated into something like “Squeeze me”


“Du bist Alles für Dich” – No grammar error but probably a heart for Egoists.
“You’re everything for you” this translates into…
If you give this to your girlfriend or your spouse, it would better say
“Du bist alles für mich” – “You’re my everything!”


“Ich bin immer für dich ga” – Probably it should be “Ich bin immer für dich da”
Hmm… did the inscriptor think of Lady Gaga? Noone knows for sure…
Translates into: “I am always there for you”


“Für meine große Riebe” – Should probably be “Für meine große Liebe”
Help me out here: What on earth is a “Riebe”?!
And what was the inscriptor thinking of when he wrote “Riebe”?!
Translates into “For my big Love (person)”


“Ihr sind die Besten” – Should probably mean “Ihr seid die Besten”
This inscriptor seems to have no clue how to use grammatical person in german correctly…
Translates into:  “You’re the best”


“Ich leibe Dich” – Should probably be “Ich liebe Dich”
Seems, that the inscriptor had the “Boggle-Syndrom” and switched letters…
Translates into: “I love you”


Fleig mit mir zum Mond” – Better say “Flieg mit mir zum Mond”
I guess it’s the same inscriptor as above…
Translates into “Fly to the moon with me”


Nim mich” – Should be “Nimm mich”
The inscriptor took the prompt by word and ate the second “m” I suppose…
Translates into “Take me”


“Opa ist die Größte” – Should be “Opa ist der Größte”
Hmm, why did the Inscriptor think that grandpa is a woman?
Translates into “Grandpa is the greatest”


“Für meine lieben Schwester” – Should probably be “Für meine liebe Schwester”
Although “Für meine lieben Schwestern” would be correct also, I don’t think
you give one heart for two sisters anyways
Translates into: “For my dear sister”

Great material. On my next visit on a fair where these are sold, I’ll probably pay more attention to what’s on them. The pics are priceless!

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