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Apple Event New York Oct. 30

In about 2 hours it’s showtime for Apple in New York.
At 10am EDT / 3pm MET Apple will open it’s additional
event as a followup to the event on September 12th.
We expect new iPads, Macs and MacBooks to show up!

So let’s see what Apple is up to.

Follow our live blog later on here:


Lana Del Rey is performing songs after the presentation.

The visitors will now be able to preview the new presented devices.

With this, Netspar’s blog is also closing this live blog. Make sure to come back the upcoming days when it gets more technical on each of the new Apple devices.


Sorry for the second outage. Too many accesses in such a short time let our blog system break down.

Back to the Apps:

  • Professional Apps like Adobe Photoshop will be even closer to their big brother on the MacBook series.
  • Opening a 170 layer PSD with GB size is no problem
  • DJing Apps will get a more professional touch for iPad Pro thus making it an alternative to the MacBooks



Now on to the Apps.


With the USB-C connector, also external displays will be attachable… up to 4K!

It can also be “mis”used as a powerbank.


With 1TB memory this is a data fortress! and to fill it, you won’t have to wait for Lightning connector anymore. The new iPad Pro will feature an USB-C connector! Expected!


The  GPU consists of 7 cores. Enough for even more challenging 3D games!


Performance-boost of 35% in single-core and up to 90%(!) in multicore-applications! That’s outrageous! Imagine you have the 1st gen iPad Pro, this means the new version will be up to 250% faster!


And with 8 cores this tablet is featured for high-performance – like a pro device!


As expected the processor for the iPad Pro will be the A12X Bionic processor. An advanced processor to the one used in the iPhone XS which is already fast… blazing-fast!


And: FaceID! The new technology introduced with the iPhone X will also be usable in the new iPad Pro series and… usable in both landscape and Portrait mode! That’s great!


The thickness will be a tad below 6mm – 5.9mm to be exact! that’s 1mm slimmer!


Although the display is same size, the body is smaller due to the smaller bezels. The 11-inch variant will be the same size as the 10.5-inch version of it’s predecessor. Yet the body will be same size also due to the smaller bezels!


And as already heard, there will be an 11-inch and a 12.9 inch variant of the iPad Pro Next Gen


Although it is not OLED, the display will most likely have a true tone display!


And the new version of the pencil will be attached magnetically. A bit like the Microsoft Surface Pro!


This slim bezel looks fantastic! Yay!


The newly styled iPad Pro – As expected. Straight lines and almost like the iPhone Xs!


The iPad in it’s forms and various generations has been sold over 400 million times! Anyone know a tablet with a similar success story?


Back again!

After some technical issues We’re back and now live blogging about the event. So what happened so far?

  • A new MacBook Air with Retina display will come. Finally. The small version of the MacBook Pro gets it debute. With doubled resolution horizontally and vertically we may now have also a 2880×1600 resulution like with the classic MacBook Pro series. And with 13.3 inch size it has the same sized display like the small MBP. Up to 16Gb of RAM and 1.5TB of SSD disk spacem the MacBook Air is fitted for today’s on-the-fly pro IT. With only 15.6mm height we have a slimmer body size than it’s predecessor! Wow! And even TouchID finds it’s way into the body making unlocking a breeze.
  • The new Mac mini –  A new 6core-featured small form factor PC has finally landed! That was about time! Some people like the idea of a small computer besides the MacBook series. And not everybody is in the need of a fully-featured iMac Pro. So it’s the logical step for Apple to support those who want to have a small macOS-running computer you can set up everywhere where an iMac woudln’t fit and/or a macBook (Pro) doesn’t have enough power to provide. – With 64(!) GB RAM this Mac Mini is even showing the big “Effenberg” to High-End computers for Windows. Nice done, Apple! up to 2TB SSD with PCI-E connection will provide fast enough SSD power to move big data sizes around in no time! That’s great. And besides all this tech stuffed in, the Mac mini will remain silent as we know it from Apple devices in general!
  • And now on to the iPad


Apple has already closed it’s online stores for the grand update later! Stay tuned

For all those who want to wach the full Event (FullHD, 2GB) and cannot access it on Apple’s homepage:

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