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Steve Jobs (+56) has passed away!

The news could not be sadder this time! The Apple-Founder and later inven-
tion genius Steve Jobs has passed away on Wednesday. Just one day after the
2011 October keynote where the new iPhone 4S has been published. Now the
reason is clear why Steve Jobs was not on the keynote event or did show up.

Steven “Steve” Paul Jobs – *24.02.1955 – †05.10.2011
The picture above is from the Apple homepage as of today
A click on his portrait brings the following text

The official statement of Apple
condolences can be made to the email address

When he joined back Apple after a 10 years break, he brought up many innovative gadgets and stylish computers that revolutionized the entire world of electronics. Especially to mention the iPhone that brought the breakthrough in usability and handling of smartphones! The iPad lifted that to the next level of tablet computing. His death notification is much more shocking has he worked till August for Apple but then has to retire completely due to severe health issues.

In September it got extremely quiet around Steve Jobs and one picture that leaked, has shown him in a very worriful state.
On October 5th, finally happened, what most of the people have feared for quite a long time.
Steve Jobs passed away due to cancer. But he was together with his family when he closed his eyes forever.

His family put up the following statement:

We are grateful for the support and kindness of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief.

It is now Tim Cook’s task to fill these giant footprints, Steve Jobs has left. Hopefully he will succeed and keep Apple on track!


I will now write about Steve Jobs, his milesones and also his misfortunes.

This Citation comes from Rosiv’s Blog -> Read full article in german here (link no longer available as old blog is offline :( )

Without Steve Jobs, the development of the classic PC would not have been so advanced as it is now!

I fully agree with this. The Apple II was one of the masterworks that brought us Windows and a graphical UI. The Mac II came up in 1987, where the PC was in DOS 3.3 times and did not offer any graphical UI! 1983 He brought up the Apple Lisa, a computer that had the first Graphical UI! 1984 he Brought out the classic Macintosh, also with a graphical UI! 5 to 6 years before the IBM PCs knew how to draw a UI! In 1990 btw. Windows 3.0 was released. 6 years after LISA OS has been published.

Later since 1997, the complete Mac, MacPro and MacBook lineup brought another giant boost to Apple. Steve Jobs wanted to break free from the standard and created something that on the one hand had something special, namely exravagant design and on the other hand, well-organized hardware. I must admit. Was the PC a hassle to upgrade, the different types of Mac computers did not allow fundamental changes, okay, but the essential parts (Graphics card, RAM,HDD) were easy to change. The inner room of a MacPro is so clearly and clean organized, not many dangling cables hanging around, not many components blocking the air ventilation inside. Well-thought and well-designed! Interestingly, Steve Jobs just came back at 1997 when Apple had a small crisis. The Apple Newton was too early for the consumer. Rarely have people used a PDA for organizing their life. Something noone would think of, today. Time for Steve Jobs, to bury the Newton and concentrate on the computer market again.

There were things like Apple’s attempt to conquer the console market with the Pippin in 1995. The project had still no chance against Nintendo, Sega and NeoGeo and thus failed.

Jon Rubinstein: “We have now a very tiny HDD available, why not build a media player with it?”
Steve Jobs: “Go for it!”

In 2001, Apple revolutionized the mobile player scene with the iPod. MP3 players were very popular and no one could think of a better replacement so far. the iPod then gave people what they wanted: LOTS of memory for that time. Most players were limited to 256 MB at that time. Apple has been shown the first 1.8″ HDD and put it into the first iPod. The new media player star was born and is now in it’s fourth generation (iPod touch) and sixth generation (iPod classic, iPod nano). The iPod shuffle in it’s fourth generation also is the smalles player ever possible and still offers 2GB capacity. However the user capability is a bit behind all other iPods and the current iPod nano could be the successful successor. The actual model holds 16GB of RAM and has a color display! Back in 2001 the UI concept was as simple as possible. 4 buttons buttons and a scroll wheel. That’s all one would need.
Today, a touchscreen is your navigation central!

And last but not least, the tablet market:
The iPad has been released in march 2010 and then revolutionized the tablet market. Today, the iPad2 is state-of-the-art although the display resolution is not the highest anymore. Maybe the iPad3 will bring the refresh.

There are numerous other inventions that are of Steve Job’s mind and brought Apple to success. It would take too long to mention them all!

At last, one quote from Steve Jobs in 2005 at the graduation party of the Stanford university. Read the full speech here

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Either watch the video on Youtube: click here

Or here (in case the Online-link at Youtube isn’t working):


I truly have great respect for Steve Jobs! This man represented what would bring up EVERY company if they had a CEO acting like him!

Rest in Peace and Thank you for everything you brought up in the last 20 years!


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