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The golden October…

Yesterday I decided again to visit the Gurten, a local mountain of Bern. Very
quickly to reach thanks to the excellent public mass transit system and even
the train up to the Gurten is covered by my subscription ticket. Finally the
weather also meant well with around 20 degrees. Time to hike then!

The tour started at the lower terminus of the Gurtenbahn and ended in Kehrsatz. To get an idea, I pointed all out on Google Maps (great tool, indeed!):

click to enlarge map for better viewing

I made these pics in the meantime. Not much but the tour was also not very long (approx. 4 km)

View from the upper terminus of the Gurtenbahn

Let’s look to the east into the direction of the Bernese Oberland – a bit foggy but when you have clear
sight, the view is just breathtaking! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take pics at clear sight, yet!

A look to the south brings us the view on the Schlienberg and the Solrüttiwald

A few steps away from the upper terminus of Gurtenbahn, you get a breathtaking view on Bern

Finally arriving at the Gurtendörfli, a small village on the Gurten. Time seems to have stood still here!

A bit later and a bit outside from Gurtendörfli you get a view on the Airport Bern-Belp.

On my way to Kehrsatz, I’ve seen this dreamy farmstead. Embraced by green hills. (*sigh*)
Imagine all this only 20 minutes away from the busy city of Bern!

Well, that concludes my tour from yesterday. I took the train from Kehrsatz back to Bern Central station. I hope you enjoyed it as I did! Have a nice start into the week and for all my friends in Germany: Enjoy your free day :)

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