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You do not have… – What gives, man?

Yep, you read right. This Blog now protects certain blog entries from being
viewed by everyone. I am following people’s requests upon privacy. As other
sites (Facebook & Co.) don’t hold it so good with privacy and publication of
intellectual goods (pics and private texts), I took one step ahead.

So what’s the matter with a blog then, you ask? Well, my blog is my home where I write about my friends also. And if there’s something they prefer not to be seen publicly, then I respect their desire and protect the content from being watched in any way possible. I can fully understand the worries about sensitive information and privacy breaches as Facebook has often had to face with such issues and broadcasted tons of pics and private information unvoluntarily.

You’d rather not see your naked pics anywhere either, right?

So… Not a member of my blog and not in the right group simply means this:

I am not discussing or arguing about who gets access. my friends, for example, know how to reach me and identify themselves to me and will then get access to the appropriate content.

Just in case you wonder… NO – Here are NO naked pics of my friends online! PERIOD!

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