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Apple vs. Samsung – Next fight!

Let’s look back: What happened? Apple has sued Samsung for violating design patents
So Apple won the fight and the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now prohibited until further
notice. Today, it seems as if Samsung vows revenge for this and started suing Apple in
France – also for violating patents in the cell phone transmission sector.

Two big companies fighting for their territory – as it seems. While Apple has sucessfully won the struggle about tablets, Samsung now turns back the pike and sues Apple for violating three patents that deal with the 3G (UMTS) transmission standard. If so, this would affect Apple’s actual top-sellers, namely iphone 3, 3GS, 4, the iPad and the iPad 2. If this is true, then it must affect the upcoming iPhone 5 as well, as it uses 3G also!

There’s no details on which patents, Samsung is claiming here, are violated. The law process is being scheduled for late December.

Conclusion: Not only are rather stupid lawsuits delaying and obstructing new long-awaited gadgets from the end-user, the immense costs of these lawsuits seem to be forked over to the customer again… as always! So don’t expect price drops in the near future!

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