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What NOT to do when StreetView is there!

You know StreetView, and all the negative news about Google making pictures of the
whole surrounding. probably also pictures, one does not want to see online. Like
houses, cars and their licence plates other identifiable objects or also the view into
one’s home. Also crime scenes have been shot accidentally…

In this case, a young woman has been “shot” when she was outside her home in Florida. I doubt, she knew that she’d been photographed or that Google would just drive by when she went ouside. Now you would ask, why it is so dramatic that she’d been photographed outside her home. May happen to us all, you think. But look at the picture and decide for yourself…

As you can see, the woman went out bare-naked. No top, no slip… simply nothing! Why for heaven’s sake would someone rush out onto the street (even it is the backyard or the garden with no sight protection?! Oh yeah, Florida.. one of the hottest states in America… I forgot…

However with the picture already circulating all around the world, the woman reached famosity all around the world, even though Google had already blurred the wohle person on the picture now, as the following picture prooves.

So, when you decide to go out of your home, it is better to hide your shame even when it’s so hot that you would sweat to death. The humiliation you receive when you got caught by StreetView is immense!

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