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Archive for February, 2014

Official: Facebook swallows WhatsApp

FB_swallows_WhatsAppNoone would have believed the Nightly News that has hit lots of local
media and tech magazines. But it’s true and official: Facebook has
bought WhatsApp. A whopping $19 billion whereas of 4 billion have been
paid directly, has been forked out by Facebook to seal the deal.

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Switzerland shifts the next gear…

speed-test-netAs usual I am in front row when new things have to be tested. In this case it’s
cablecom and their new internet packages. The bandwidth has been ordered
(250/15) and was instantly set up. Not more then one hour did I have to wait
to benefit from the new speed. The result speaks for itself…

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Garfield Top 15 – February 2014

There was a short break for Garfield but he’s back with some new Top 15.
Have fun reading his next 15 Shorts where he is in Action with Jon and
the rest of the world. Can’t exactly tell when the next Top 15 appear but
stay tuned and have fun!

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