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World Of Warcraft: Patch 5.4

WoW_IconWhile we’re still fighting the mighty foes from Patch 5.3, Blizzard is already
working on the next step of WoW and planning to release the next patch.
Besides some char class tweaking and new items, there are also new
battlegrounds to explore and fight on. The official trailer is available now!

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls announced!

Diablo IIIDazzling news for all those who like to game Diablo III:
It seems as if we get new gaming food in the 1st half
year of 2014. A new Level capping of 70 and a new
character class plus a new act give us more to grind!

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The feeling of a train hitting you

videoThis guy caught the idea of filming an ICE3 (Deutsche Bahn) passing by at
300 km/h (186 mph), According to his shout-out I guess the wind wave that
hit him was somewhat strong! But despite the fact of a heavy wind striking
you I guess it’s really dangerous! Do not try this for yourself!

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LG showing QHD 5.3 inch display!

LGLogoLG has recently shown a prototype of a new IGZO display at a
thickness of 1.2mm only. But not only the slim production factor but
also the jaw-dropping resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (508ppi) make
this display outstanding. With a diameter of 5.3 inches, this display…

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When a robber meets a bully shop owner…

oscar-icon-64If the numbers wouldn’t tell that it is a real surveillance video, one could
think of a Bud Spencer movie. A robber and his friend are stopping outside
a little convenience store in Brasil to rob it. But the robber didn’t seem
to be very successful at the end. The video is really self-explaining.

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Back again

updateHey y’all! I know it’s been a long time since my last post here bt my work is
keeping me very busy lately and in the evening I retunrn home very
exhausted not willing to turn on the computer anymore or only to do some
online gaming! This blog’s still alive and will be as long as I keep my site!

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