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Archive for June, 2013

Netspark’s hardware test: Corsair K90

Logo_CorsairWhen it comes to gaming, one instantly thinks of Logitech, RAZER & Co.
But it’s not only the Mice that belong to gaming, it’s also the Keyboard.
Corsair decided to bring us the Vengeance Gaming series, which contains
Headsets, Keyboards and other gaming-related stuff.

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June 30, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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The trouble within…

Hourglass…or when time suddenly becomes a real sparse and valuable goodie. As you
might have noticed, updates aren’t as frequent as they should be. At the
moment, I am really loaded with work and do not have much time posting
every day. I don’t know when this is about to change but be patient!

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iOS7 – A milestone or the reply on WP8?

iOS7It has arrived – iOS7 – The new major release of Apple’s mobile OS has finally
approached. A new, sleek design, probably remembering many of Android is
replacing the dusty old iOS look. Although the old iOS still looks good, it’s
time to change. Inny and outy, that is!

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The issue with botnets…

virus-iconWhen it comes to hacking, I’ll get alerted. As you probably have noticed,
logins via the standard login page are disabled for now and protected by a
new gateway. Therefore even trusted contributors are not able to login at the
moment. Please excuse this circumstance.

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Garfield Top 15 – June 2013

As posted last month, here’s now this months’ Garfield Top 15.
Again here are 15 assorted strips from the various garfield comics over
the years! Have fun and good laughing minutes while watching/reading
them. For more comics, simply scroll down this page.

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