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Cool ads

videoI really hate ads. Mostly they interrupt your favourite show, they distract you
from the actual story of a film and they’re annoyingly often put in between.
But when you have some time to spare and find such ads by accident or via
other websites, they can become cool.

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There we go go go…

updateAnd the crowd is cheering as the new WordPress version comes online
without great hiccups. Some plugin here, some addon there that didn’t
run as intended, but soon the average posting business will set up again,
still takes some time to adapt to the new system… *sic*

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Preping for update – Offline time

updateSo it’s time for an update. The webspace ran low and WordPress is bugging
me all time to finally do some update as my version is sorta outdated al-
though it is working fine for me. But for security reasons I finally gave in.
You may experience offline time in the next days due to server change.

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The urge and taste for good coffee…

…or: Why for heaven’s sake spend 2’300 CHF on a coffee machine? Well… let’s
start with the story of ugly-tasting coffee and what I’ve tried so far. At work we
have a Schaerer coffee machine that makes good coffee, real good coffee! But
for home use, this machine is a tad too big and too expensive (7’250 CHF).

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Microsoft’s new XBox unveiling May, 21st?

Nintendo has brought it’s new console on December last year, Microsoft and
Sony still wait to date until they reveal their new next-gen consoles. But the
date for Microsoft’s console seems to be known now and on May 21st, 2013 it
is probably shown to the public.

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WD to ship 5mm harddrives

It got quiet on the HDD market since Western Digital has shipped it’s first
2TB external pocklet Hard Drive (read my review). Now, Western Digital
is about to set a new mark and era in hard drives and their usability in
ultrabooks. An added SSD cache of 24GB helps seed up things a lot.

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And the iPad IS versatile and convenient!

Or… The Batter has a talent to hit balls the way it wasn’t supposed to be!
At least this older man had luck while filming a baseball game not to be
injured by a foul ball. It was only the iPad that got knocked down but
still seems to work well. Cool action though it was sorta quick!

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Nokia wins patent fight over HTC

It seems as if HTC didn’t have much luck against Nokia. Nokia seems to have
located a special microphone design in HTC’s new phone “One” which has
been exclusively designed for Nokia and has also been patented by Nokia.
A court in the Netherlands there fore have issued an injuction against HTC.

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Supercomputer Titan gets superfast SAN

Not only is Titan (a Cray XK7 machine with 17PFlops/s) the fastest
Supercomputer to date but soon it’ll have access to the fastest SAN
attached to it. With a net data speed of 1,4 TByte/s it can save a
private person’s video library faster then it needs for the click.

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Don’t do this with your dad’s car…

Cruising around in a car (especially when you got your driver’s licence…)
However there’s one little thing you should be aware of: KNOW YOUR CAR
FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! – In this case, the young driver did everything
wrong what one could do wrong and the result is predictible.

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And the apple keeps falling…

While the gadgets from Apple still sell like fresh-made bread, it seems as if
the stock shares are being dropped like a hot potato. So has the share
value reached a new 2-year-low with “only” 389 US$ per share. Is this a
new trend of Apple? According to the plans to release another iPhone…

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Crazy weather

C’mon weather, what’s wrong with you? First you give us sun, 24 degrees
and blue sky and today it’s rainy, above 600 metres snow is falling, in 1000
metres we have 30 to 80cm snow. That’s just crazy! While on Thursday the
temperature was at 24 degrees, it fell to 6 degrees on friday.

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When News agencies provide false news…

Some funny incident happened at Reuters, where possibly a prepared news
block has been released without checking. In this case, George Soros is the
victim for, maybe wished, death. Well, george Soros still lives and is not
dead as the news block has written.

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iPhone 5 domino

Dominoes with millions of stones are already very impressing. But what
about 10.000 iPhones faling so timed with video animation that it would
make a competely animated domino image. Although it is said that spe-
cially modified iPhone 5 with NFC, it’s hard to tell, if this is real.

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 – Back to the roots?

According to some sources, it seems as if Microsoft has recognized that the
tiles surface isn’t everybody’s taste.  That’s true and there are many people
who avoid upgrading to Windows 8 for the very same reason. Even I do not
update to Windows 8 as I don’t like the tiles and the “flat” windows style.

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Bomb terror in Boston

It seems as if the USA aren’t allowed to come to rest. Today, two bombs
have interrupted the Marathon currently ongoing. The explosions had
so much power to cause about 150 injuries and three dead among which
there was also an eight-year old. An act of revenge?

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