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When trends go wrong: Harlem Shake

Of course new styles tend to be imitated in no time. But when ridiculousness and
bad accident happen together, the laugh is always on the loser! And besides this,
the principal of that school wouldn’t have looked happy either when seeing one
of the showcases’ glass doors broken. If the principal has seen this video also?

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Easter holidays

And some time for Netsspark to relax and gain Power for the upcoming work
time. Wish you a nice easter holidays and relaxing days. Enjoy the days off and
don’t forget to set your clocks tonight one hour forward! Summertime’s coming!
At least from the calendar side as the weather isn’t spreading any warm feeling!

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March 30, 2013Netspark No Comments »

Biggest lucky busdriver ever!

CCTV often captures strange  moments in everyday life. This video has
captured a near-death accident not caused by the busdriver but by other
drivers. The scenes you see show how lucky the busdriver was. Thanks to
his quick reaction, he was able to hop off devil’s shovel!

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Sea cable: Egyptian coastguard successful!

It seems as if there are some rogue divers around who want to take Africa
offline. The Egyptian coastguard has captured 3 divers who were about to
cut the underwater line connection. As the repair of such a cable is often
very complex and expensive, the avoidance of such incidents is crucial!

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Frecciarossa 1000 aka. Zefiro 350…

…or when trains fly by with 400 km/h (250 mph)! The red arrow (the
translation for “frecciarossa”) as the new italian high-speed train is called
is supposed to reach 400 km/h albeit the operational speed is 360 km/h.
(215 mph). But as you can see the development never stops.

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And me goes iPad4

Okay, so I have now purchased a new gadget and am trying it out right now. A
mobile companion is often used for quick sharing of information these days. As
my iPhone is rather small for ergonomic typing, I decided to go biggie and here
we are with the new iPad 4 LTE which is supposed to compete with today’s tech.

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March 26, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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EA and the hotline…

So there we have it. The new SimCity didn’t have a lucky start. Time for EA to act
and give all loyal buyers a free game for the initial problems, SimCity was prone
to. Okay, the mail from EA tells it is very easy to claim the free game. Just log in
to origin, launch the “Featured tab” and grab the desired free game.

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How large ships are built (timelapse)

Ever wondered how these huge freight carriers, which have a length of more
than 1000 feet, are built and then watered? Then you should watch this 75
seconds timelapse and your question should be answered. Maersk and a
shipyard in Korea have built the largest freight carrier, recording the result.

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Ever tired of having no one at hand?

This must have been the question of this taiwanese truck driver when he
arrived at the desired spot with a tonload of bamboo sticks and no one felt
responsible to help him unload the truck. So he fund a way to unload the
stuff at the material cost of the back axis of his truck. Thanks to Physics!

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March 23, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Welcome to the Internet-stoneage

The internet grows, the internet offers much more media than ever before.
Games are no longer delivered on physical media. Programs run off the
cloud service. Everything gets based on the internet more and more. What
sounds good for us, may be bad for users of T-Online. The reason: Cutbacks!

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iOS 6.1.3: Darn that security!

So iOS 6.1.3 is out for a couple of days and many users have cheered that
the security flaw where you could bypass the lockscreen was fixed. But
now there’s another security flaw which allows access to the iPhone and
it’s contacts and photos. However it ain’t as simple as with the old iOS.

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iOS 6.1.3 available – Fix of the leak?

It is now over a month since the security leak is known that allows thieves
On March 6th, 6.1.2 has been released but not adressing the issue yet. Now
iOS 6.1.3 shall do, what two other releases haven’t done yet. Stop access to
sensitive data without having to deal with the device code.

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I don’t have E-Mail – Try to SPAM me!

You asked for it? Then you’ll get it! This female postman from Singapore
has specialized in delivering adverts (or Information?) in a very effective
and efficient way. So when you thing, not having an E-Mail saves you from
SPAM, then you’d better reconsider your thoughts. Incredible!

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Predpol, Precrime, MINORITY REPORT?!

Many of you have probably seen Minority Report, an interesting Sci-Fi
movie about police units using future-telling individuals to predict crime
before it happens. What is base for a good Sci-Fi movie in 2006 seems to
become real in Seattle, WA. Predpol, that’s the name of the software used.

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Lions are not tameable… – WRONG!

Lions are known to be wild beasts that can rip a fully-gron man into pieces
with ease. But what happens if a lion grows up in a human family and then
released into wilderness after many, many years? This video shows: Even
wild beasts have a memory and remember whom they can trust!

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March 18, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Some idiots never learn…

There are things in life one should remember: Even if someone is “lifeless”
it is no free ticket for teasing him or even annoying him to death. In this
case, a tourist has teased a street performer who made the “still statue”
act. The street performer just waited for the right moment…

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