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Western Digital reaches for 5TB-HDD!

Just today it seems as if Western Digital has announced that in Q4 2013 first
HDDs with 5TB capacity are supposed to leave the gates of the WD factories.
Where 4 TB is currently the hardliner-maximum, WD is still convenient to
release their new data-libraries in time. If they’re helium-filled, is unknown.

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Swisscom and LTE Go-Live!

Long awaited, LTE finally goes online and allows owners of appropriate
hardware to surf the internet with tremendous speeds. However owners of
the iPhone will still not be able to hop on as the hardcoded baseband does
not yet understand the LTE band. And it’s not sure when it’ll be done.

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And there they go go go…

Things could not be worse between Germany and Switzerland. The object of
desire: Money! Germany wants of it… lots of it and from Switzerland. As
Germany suspects Switzerland of holding lots of financial ressources from
german citizen who don’t declare their money to the Finance departement.

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Greece gets another financial injection.

And again there are 43 billion Euro for the rescue of Greece so that it doesn’t
have to leave the financial union. While Greece is happy about how the things
finally turned for them, most other countris and their people get upset more
an more. Why is so much money burnt in a country that wastes it so much?

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Things not to do with an iPhone

Well… when you hear “Treat your iPhone like a raw egg”, what would you do?
Right: Bumper, cover, soft cloth, careful usage and all the stuff so that this
hitech gadget won’t suffer any harm. In this case, a guy took the figure of
speech the wrong way. And what do you do with raw eggs?

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What a party…

it was great but I guess I got a little too much of the good stuff. Some head-
ache and some strange feeling when walking… and the weekend’s over again
Dang! Hate to leave so quick again. Now I have 6 hours of traveling ahead of
me and for sure a very unstable cell network as it is always!

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Munich, here I am! Again!

Time to spend a weekend in Munich again, with my friends. So it’s again the
good ol’ train that will rock me there in 6 hours. Hopefully! But my fears
were without a reason. The travel worked fine. Going from Bern to Basel
Departing in time from there… had a 6 minutes Delay in Freiburg…

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Microsoft, quo vadis?

It’s just been a month since Windows 8 is released but there are already some
oddities, you don’t expect from Redmond. However it seems as if Microsoft
is following a weird trend as Apple has shown before. Now you may ask what
I am babbling about? Well, buy yourself a new notebook with Windows 8.

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Powerslide and bus – A perfect dreamteam?

Winter is coming and with it, streets tend to get slippery. Not that autumn
has these side-effects, too, but most accidents happen in intertime when
snow and ice covers the land. The bus driver in this video seems to have
been surprised by one of these ice covers on the road but acted correctly.

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iPad Mini goes Minibook

Usually, people never seem to agree when it comes to size. On smartphones
the curent trend is: the bigger, the better! usually it was, the smaller, the
better. Compare a Nokia 6100 (combined with its battery, it weighs only 76
grams and measures 102 x 44 x 13.5 mm.) and an actual Galaxy Note II.

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To be an iPad or not to be!

When it comes to new gadgets, many people go crazy and tend to do stupid
things. One of them for sure is buying tech gadgets for an incredibly low
price that is hardly covering the real hardware price. The mild variation
is that you get a piracy product that is lacking features of the original.

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WhatsApp – and the license fee!

WhatsApp,known to many for their SMS replacement and issuer of the same-
named App has recently updated the app to a new version. With this update
there comes a bunch of security fixes. But also a not-so-nice “feature” is now
active on most Nokia, Android and Blackberry phones: A licence notifier!

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Videogames in the crisis? Hell, no!

Often it is read that companies have lost lots of money due to illegal copies.
Then there’s the mobile market that also takes it’s share. Finally it’s the copy
protection mechanisms that rob most games their reputation, Dilemmas as
Assassins Creed which failed to start up are only one of the many cases.

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Nintendo, Wii U and the USA

Wii U and controller unitThe Wii U will hit Stores tomorrow and it’s the most-expected console from
Nintendo since the Wii came out in 2005/2006. offering Full-HD and a con-
troller with a seperate display, there is room for a new dimension of gaming
The motion control already opened new worlds. Will the Wii U succeed?

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Things, a motorcyclist fears much!

Bking is cool and also relieves from the common stress. However all the stress
can come up again, when you’re in danger. This otorcyclist barely was missed
by a misled car driver who happened to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Barely missing the motorcyclist the driver did not seem to worry about it!

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Nintendo and Sony – The results!

Nintendo and Sony – archrivals since the very beginning of the game console
era. Even now it seems as if Nintendo seems to be much more successful as
these figures underline: While the PS Vita is sold 3 million times, the 3DS has
been sold 22 million times. A factor of 7 to 1 for Nintendo.

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