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Asus Zenbook U500VZ

ASUS is one of my favourite brands when it’s about computer peripherals.
During the IFA in Berlin, ASUS took opportunity to present (amongst
other nice goodies) their newest creation of Ultrabooks. Okay, Ultrabooks
aren’t something spectacular today because almost every brand has one.

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Wireless charger in computers?

Intel seems to have ideas for wireless charging of other peripherals wire-
lessly using induction. As smartphones more and more support inductive
charging, Intel wants to make a cooperation with IDT and place a charging
chip into ultrabooks which can then charge your PDA while using your PC.

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Megaupload founder gets his money

The New Zealand High Court has now officially confirmed 6 million NZ$
to be given back to Kim Schmitz so that he can pay the lawyer costs, the
lawsuit has generated so far. Also, cars have been released so that he can
sell these, too. It seems as if the Kim Schmitz story will soon come to end.

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Apple vs. Samsung: New prohibition onway

They bite & fight, they bite & fight & bite… bite bite bite, fight fight fight,
THE APPLE AND SAMSUNG SHOOOW…. Sorry, could not resist to make
a simpsons parody out of this but the battle between these two is ongoing
for such a long time. Apple has officially stated to let sales stop for…

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Goodbye optical drives

Sony Optiarc, manufacturer of many of the optical drives that spin your
discs in stereos, computers and other devices, has declared to stop the
production of optical drives. In times where most of the data is streamed
via cloud services and the internet, this seems logical.

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Single SIM, Dual-SIM, TRIPLE-SIM(!!!)

Okay, you all know cell phones. Put in a SIM card, and you’re good to go.
Then there are phones to put in 2 sim cards (maybe one local and one
traveller prepaid card for roaming. Seems feasible and logic. But one
manufacturer thought, hey, there’s room for more. another SIM slot.

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The moon is near: Neill Armstrong (†82)

On July 21, 1969 Neil Armstrong and his crew wrote history when Apollo
11 landed on the moon and he made his first steps on the moon surface.
Born August 5, 1930,he got 82 years old when he died of health problems
caused by a more complx heart surgery.

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Dual-GPU with actual GPUs? Yes, we can!

When it comes to freaky GPU solutions, mostly PowerColor and ASUS are
involved with this. This time, PowerColor combines two 7970 Tahiti XT
GPUs and adds 6GB of video RAM to the card. The result: a devilish power-
suckling pixel monster.

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Voilà – The new Microsoft logo

Microsoft goes for a new logo. The new logo appears to be a close call to the
new Windows 8 operating system which is about to release in the upcoming
weeks. This is why the new logo is rather flat compared to the Windows XP or
Windows Seven logo.

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Diablo 3 – 1.04 and WoW:MoP Pre-Patch

It seems as if today it’s a big patch day acoming to all players of
Diablo III and WoW. Blizzard updates Diablo III to Patch 1.04
and WoW is being prepared for MoP. Especially the WoW-Patch
may become larger as lots of things are changed.

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Man struck down by 46 bullets

During a fuilade, a man lost his life again by police power. 46 shots have been
fired. The police of Michigan stated that the man was considered a severe
threat to the officers and ready to stab the officers with the knife armed.
At current, the man’s body is obducted if he has been subject to drugs.

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Apple – Again!: Most valuable company!

Apple seems to reach for the stars. While other companies try to reach the 100
billion border, Apple goes for Platinum and heads onwards to the trillion.
The per-share stock value is 663.50 US$ and give Apple a value of 623 billion
US$ in total. And the new devices aren’t yet issued.

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Assange, London and the Ecuador Embassy

It seems as if the air’s getting thinner for Julian Assange. In London, the Embassy
of Ecuador is about to be stormed by London authorities to arrest Julian Assange
who is about to be expelled to Sweden where he will be probably forwarded to
the US Authorites for exploting US governmental secrets.

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Germany, 3G, EDGE and LTE

The cell network. Reason for many users to start turning red as if they have eaten
a hot pepperoni of Habañero. You know this situation probably. At your home
(in my case Switzerland) the cell phone works like a charm, and *BANG*, just as
you cross the border to the neighbor country, your signal’s gone. Black hole!

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Blog on hold: Terrible cell network


Fellow blog readers! I know you’re waiting for daily updates. But at the moment,
my smartphone is either on snail network or even having no network at all. The
lack of a free public WLAN doesn’t ease up things. So I decided to write the
articles offline and put them online as soon as I am back for good!

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Facebook stock downhill again

It seems as if Facebook won’t come to a standstill about it’s stock shares. The
keep time for the stock shares of Facebook have run out and initial stock pur-
chasers are likely to issue their shares to the market again as the stock has
already lost half of it’s value. 19.76 US$ is the current value per share.

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