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Google Chrome now available for iOS

So While Apple has kicked out Google Maps from their upcoming iOS6,
it still seems that Apple will have to have Google applications on their
iDevices. As of now, the Google Chrome browser is available for iOS and
probably a concurring product to Apple’s own Safari browser.

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Windows 8 and no Start Button

A feature, many of us may have used since Windows 7/Vista. The new
start menu that enriches the users’ experience in launching programs and
searching for documents. According to some researches and analytics of
the customer experience program, this feature won’t be available in Win8.

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Tram with bent pantograph (again!)

The new trams of Bernmobil seem to be dogged by bad luck. Again the
pantograph of one tram seems to have ensnarled itself in the powerline
and thus has been bent down. The force acting on the pantograph must
have been enormous. The pictures will proove this very spectacularly!

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Google Chrome 20 released!

Chrome 20 has just been released but for those, expecting a big new release of
Google’s browser will be disappointed… probably. Because the usual numbering
of small releases (and I consider 23 bugfixes as such) is a minor number upgrade.
Such as Firefox being at 13.0.1 right now. But there’s good stuff, also inside.

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Wozniak protecting Megaupload-Kim

What seems impossible for the most people seems to have just happened. Steve
Woznia has visited the grounded Kim Schmitz for an interview. Wozniak has
stated, that the current ongoing lawsuit against Kim Schmitz is nonsense and
not having any fundament to be serious. Kim Schmitz also fought the charge.

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Just an exception – or the beginning?

Can a complete city of the size of Zurich or Nuremberg get into bankruptcy?
No? Then this city in California, namely Stockton is teaches you otherwise!
Stockton is in debt with hundreds of millions of dollars. What sounds not much
is a real shock for the residents. The city is also suffering of high crime now!

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Diablo III: Things to hate about it!

Patch 1.0.3 has been just released offering some easing but also some
annoyances. While playing the game on Act II Inferno, I again had to face
some annoying things. Among these are classical: champion groups having
two or more magic attibutes and dealing massive amounts of damage.

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Test: Microsoft Touch Mouse

Another hardware test. Believe it or not but I recently have acquired a
Microsoft hardware and want to compare it against the primus Logitech
who brings in the TouchMouse M600. What makes me test the Microsoft
rodent anyways? I thought, why not check out Microsoft hardware.

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Annoyances: Allergy and tree spores

Summer, sun, and th fresh air of summertime feeling. But what sounds like
heaven, can be of a big annoyance soon if you’re allergic to different kinds
of spores from trees and grasses that are developing at the current time.
Tearing eyes, running nose is only one of the many allergic reactions.

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The upcoming iOS6

When it comes to a new iOS version, there’s also a new iDevice on the roll.
In this case, the update could introduce the new iPhone as well. Or maybe
the AppleTV? No one knows for sure but what’s great for those waiting for
the newest iGadgets, can also be great news for those with actual iDevices.

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SanDisk announces microSDHC U1

Once more SanDisk is about to set a milestone when it comes to memory
card technology. Today, Sandisk has announced that the first microSDHC
U1 cards for high-end mobile devices are ready to be published. At a read
speed of 90 MB/s and a write speed of approx 80MB/s they’re really fast!

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BEEEEEEEEEELCH! And the winner is…

Odd contests around the world? Yep, there are many of them. Cellphone
throwing, Caber tossing, Hotdog eating, water-drinking. Yes and even a
burp contest is available for your convenience. Well… most of them are
more of fun then a real challenge if properly regarded.

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Almost “free” speech…

Unbelievable but true. But it seems as if free speech in the USA gets limited
more and more. As if the USA wouldn’t have enough laws, there’s always
room for one more. This time it’s Middleborough, Massachusetts. A word
as common as other profanities you hear in public for various reasons.

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39th TOP500 list released

The newest Top500 list is released and again a supercomputer in the USA
is dominating the list again after the supercomputer in Japan has marked
a new record last year and dominating the list with a total computing
power of 10.1 PFlops/s. Let’s get a sneak peek on the new hell machine.

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Burj Khalifa soon to be topped?

It seems as if the chinese people are planing to top Burj Khalifa which is
currently the talles building on earth with it’s 826 metres height. The
company BSB (Broad Sustainable Building) which was also involved in
building a 30 storeys tall hotel in only 15 days, plans to raise the planned…

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Master of keys: The G600 from Logitech

It seems as if Logitech still has the power to draw attention to it’s products.
The G600 seems to fill the gap between a gamer mouse and the possibility
to control a MMORPG without the use of a keyboard at all. But what makes
the G600 so special against other mice from other manufacturers.

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