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Extreme cold wave from Russia

It seems that the winter finally wants to show teeth to us. Has the January been too warm
(approx. 4 degrees over the average meridian), so are temperatures rarely breaking the
-10 degrees barrier in the upcoming days. Metereologists say it isn’t too uncommon for
February to be that cold, however it is uncommon after such a warm January.

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Holidays, black humor and Twitter

There are things that cannot correlate with each other. And in the internet your words can
always be read by people you’d better not wanna face. In this case a young couple from
UK has used twitter to fork out some black humor and celebrate their holidays by
“destroying” the USA and “exhuming” Madonna. Their holidays wne into a horror trip!

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WiiU gets own online store!

It seems as if Nintendo plans an own Online store for the WiiU. This way, Nintendo follows
the steps of Microsoft and Sony. Talking about the XBox. The new XBox 720 should be more
powerful (30 times) as the XBox 360 and 6 times more powerful as the WiiU. However
the sale of used games will be prohibited so that your game is tied to your console.

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Fitch strikes again!

It seems, the economy rating won’t ever come to a silence andrest. This time, the US
rating agency Fitch has lowered the ratings for Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium and Slovenia.
Cyprus has been hit very hard as they have BBB- which means that they’re only one rating
step away from junk rating. Although these news being published, the Euro didn’t loose.

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USA, the land of opportunity…

…how ironic to see that again a man got confined for a rather harmless crime (DWI).
The man got incarcerated into isolation confinement and was not allowed to consult an
attorney at law nor a doctor. More worse: He was not even allowed to tahe his medicine
that helped him over his depressions. After 2 years, the man finally was released.

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Benq releases laser beamers!

On the ISE 2012 in Amsterdam, Benq will show its brand new laser beamers. With its
revolutionary BlueCore Light Engine, the beamers will have a common durability of
20’000 hours and a light output of approximately 2000 ANSI Lumen. Thus being
able to be used in daylight environment. A contrast of 80’000:1 sounds good too!

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Things not to do on a Gym ball

In this case a young man tried to do some balancing act on a gym ball! Is
holding the balance on it a challenge for itself, he doubled the fun and tried
to to exactly this on a balance beam. If you can remember your times in
gym class, you may remember that balancing on these is hard enough.

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Timelapse about Yosemite Park

I really like impressive videos. This video is a timelapse series about Yosemite
Park. Nature “filmed” with a professional camera looks real beautiful and
moving, too! A young team has made effort to take the timelapse series and put
the pictures into a really nive video scenery. Watch for yourself and enjoy!

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Controllable RGB LED light from Ikea?

What sounds near impossible to you, seems to have come true because of the endurance
of an amateur craftsman. His idea was to enhance a simple LED nightlight from Ikea with
a bluetooth controller and make it controllable with his android phone. Doesn’t work?
It sure does. And on his blog, you get the source code and instructions for your ideas!

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AMD in trouble with Fusion

What seems almost impossible to believe, has happened now. AMD has been
involved into trademark violation. Arctic Switzerland AG has claimed rights
to the trademark “Fusion” for their likewise-named power supply series. As
AMD has not shown reaction to Arctic’s concerns, lawsuits have been filed.

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PIPA now scheduled later in US Senate

After a big uproar about PIPA worldwide, the US Senate has set out the ballot for the
PIPA law that would have led the internet into more and more censoring than now.
The most actual case of protest has come from the english Wikipedia, who has blacked
out it’s site for 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday. With success ans you see now!

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Review: A-Solar Powerbank 7000

Usually I don’t do many reviews on gadgets and hardware. In this case I could not resist
to tell you about an item one could desperately need when the cell phone squeaks and
begging for power. You all know that crappy situation: You’re out for party etc. and you
want to show your friends some cool stuff. What happens? No more battery!

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Big rush against MegaUpload

Today, Megaupload has been officially reported to be busted by the FBI as MPAA, RIAA
and mayor labels have claimed for big losses due to copyright violations, Megaupload has
probably done. Several persons have been taken into custody for further audition.
According to the lawsuit, the media industry claims for $500 million.

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Eastman-Kodak files for Insolvency

The traditional photo film maker and pioneer in the film industry has finally
filed for insolvency. With the 9th negative fiscal quarter, all financial reserves
have been used up. Promoted sales of patents do different companies have not
been as successful as hoped. Kodak however tries to still keep up business.

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The english Wikipedia is in fact offline!

According to the blog entry from yesterday (read here), Wikipedia has indeed
put Wikipedia into blackout. Where you would usually see the main page of
Wikipedia, there’s now a black page criticizing the new legislation about SOPA
copyright and the attempt to put the free internet “behind bars”.

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SOPA, USA, Copyright and Wikipedia

How do these words relate, you ask? Well… it sems as if the mayor members of
the  Copyright Association have finally decided to push thorugh the SOPA.
SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and in this Act, there are several points
to censor the internet in many ways. Not only in the USA but worldwide!

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