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Things you’d better not do in public!

Racism, hatred… face it! Wherever you go, there’s at least someone who lives
patriotism the false way. In the following video, I was shocked about a young
woman with child complaining about immigrants and black people in London.
Delicate: She complained in a full suburb train with some black people!

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American Airlines near Grounding?

Many Airlines have been grounded in the past 10 years. About 200 in total!
Today the third largest of them has been hit by insolvency today. The American
Airlines are well-known all over the world, although they mostly operate
US-regional flights. Founded in 1934, it’s unbelievable what’s happening. Continue Reading

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Microsoft’s TellMe vs. Apple’s Siri

Seems, Microsoft is trying to bring out a similar feature, called TellMe, as Apple
has with Siri. However the successful recognition rate is far behind Apple’s Siri.
Now you could impute pro-Apple advertisement to me but I don’t need to do
any way of commercial advertisement for apple or the like. A video shows, why!

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Great stuff: Plugins that change all the way!

I am annoyed with all that password security stuff, OAuth crap and what’s all around with it!
Always some errors with any security-related stuff because they  change things here and
there. What’s the game anyways Why change a running system for god’s sake? I am going to
kick out every single plugin subject to any changes that render my blog unusable.

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I have no money yet I shop, till I drop.

Black Friday as the american people call the last friday in November. The day
where some people get theyr christmas bonusses. The day where shops will be
the place of non-retaining, yelling, scratching, beating and bickering people
fighting over slightly reducing goods, no matter if they can use them anyways!

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The iPhone 4S seems buggy again!

The iPhone 4S hit’s the negative news again… Long waiting times, short battery
life… and now, annoying ticks and pops during some calls seem to add to the list
of bugs of Apple’s newest coup. It seems as if Apple has to deal with some real
nasty issues concerning design and technics of the iPhone 4S.

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The bizarre antarctic underwater world…

This video shows a ‘brinicle’, sort of a tornado made of ice that grows from the
swimming ice shelfs down to the ground of the sea. And when touching the
ground, it kills all life that tries to pass the freeze border. A spectacular
timelapse film made by a sea scientists team under heavy conditions.

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Why CCTV isn’t all bad!

When you think of CCTV the first thought is mostly of total control!
In the following video it is the medium to get a rogue taxi driver behind
bars. So what happened? A passenger of a taxi driver stated that he
wants to stop the ride when the taxometer reaches 6 pounds.

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Last year, deep winter, this year, not?

Well, the weather is kinda odd this year. Horror news about increasing climatic temps,
more greenhouse gas effect and the ongoing pollution of the earth are probably the
cause for this year’s winter to start later. Or finally never… who knows. At least the
temperatures are rather mild for November. So hopefully winter will still come.

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Samsung Galxy S3, iPhone 5?

The rumors start cooking again. Samsung is said to be shoing the new Galaxy S3 on the
Mobile World Congress in Spring 2012 and Apple seems to be finally working on the
iPhone 5. So what’s up? The Galaxy S3 shall come with a 1.5GHz quadcore processor
while the iPhone 5 is still only a visual concept with no further details.

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This is why the music industry is hated!

Today, Universal has filed lawsuit against Grooveshark, a music streaming service.
Universal claims rights to about 100.000 songs that are available in Grooveshark’s
song library making the lawsuit monetary value up to 100 million US dollars. Crazy stuff!
The reason for Universal trying to sue Grooveshark can’t be followed as Grooveshark

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WebP going to replace PNG?

WebP? PNG? These two acronyms areunfamiliar to you? Well, this is mostly interesting for
Web designers. So what’s PNG? PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is an image
format that supports 24bit color information plus 8bit alpha channel information for
transparency. As GIF only supports one transparency color mask, a new image format

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Around the USA in 5 minutes

Not less than 55 days, 12.255 miles, and over 200’000 pictures later,
a so-called time-lapse video showing a roundtrip from New York (NY)
south to Florida (FL) then west to California (CA) north to Washington (WA) and
then east back to New York has been made up. Travel the USA in 5 minutes!

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Apple gets patent on location-based services

Today, Apple has got the patent on location-based information services. Using
GPS to locate the user and then providing him/her with the available infor-
mation available to that location seems to be a growing market. No wonder,
Apple wants to protect this kind of intellectual property…

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Intel again: Knights Corner is coming!

Today, Intel has shown a first mockup of the new Knights Corner processor.
The processor is not like other processors but rather to see as a co-processor
that shall assist exisiting XEON-Processors in multithreaded computing. With
50 and more cores on one die, each rated at 1 to 1.2 GHz, the co-processor…

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40 years Intel!

Today, Intel celebrates it’s 40th birthday. Exactly On November 15th, 1971,
the first Microprocessor with integrated circuitry has been publicly released.
With 2’300 transistors clocked at initially 108 kHz, later 0.7 MHz, the
processor was able to do 92’600 instructions per second.

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