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The Simpsons soon to be off air?

Today I read a rather shocking news about the most famous comic family.
It seems as if 20th Century Fox is about to turn off the lights in the Simpsons
home forever. Reason for this is that 20 Century Fox stated that production
costs have increased while the series is on deficit. Also the voice actors…

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Fun with floppy drives

You know the old 3.5 inch floppy drives? Rather useless today in the time of
USB sticks, SSD and optical disks. However they can still be used for making
music. Not believable, you think? Then watch the following movie, that shows
how to play the Star Wars Imerpial March melody!

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The art of playing chess…

…or in german joked “Pausenaugust-Schach”. Roughly translated to: How to
play chess and build up constellations on the chessboard while knowing the
AI already being f***ed up! In this case, my goal was to embrace the king with
queens and checkmate the AI (8 queens at least needed…) and it IS difficult!

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October 3, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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So… that was the September…

The last day of September is nearing end and quite a lot has happened. I was able to visit
the Oktoberfest 2011, I managed quite a lot tasks at work and my effort there got honored.
The October will also be interesting as I am about to celebrate my 33rd birthday and a
good friend of mine is coming. Unfortunately the other one is unable to come due to…

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September 30, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Something funny for the mid-week…

Just two more days to go to enjoy the weekend. These ones have been sent to me by
Pianoman! Thanks for the great stuff. Couldn’t laugh more. And let alone the fact about
the different sites (Google, Facebook, etc..) – it’s so damn true. So for y’all others:
Check the pics in this post. Have a nice wednesday evening!

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Call me the second Kasparov…

…just kidding! This man is simply the best chess player in the world. But why
this bumptious title then? Well… you know I try to beat the AI on my chess
game on the iPhone with the highest number of queens on the checkerboard
ever possible (it’s nine btw.) – Till yesterday I managed to get eight on it!

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September 28, 2011Netspark 2 Comments »
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So fast the weekend has passed…

…and with it my stay in Munich. As it is very late now, I am going to upload the pics and
videos tomorrow. The corresponding post(s) will be updated. Please check back
tomorrow for more to come. Enjoy the rest (40 minutes) of the weekend and begin the
new week with power and good feelings!

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September 25, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Fun with road signs…

You probably know these giant text boards that give drivers in USA informations about
dangers and other obstacles on the road or when something important is broadcasted on
radio. Somehow these signs lack of security from being hacked. Reason enough for some
guys to use this security leak to have fun. The results make you grin at minimum…

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