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Timelapse about Yosemite Park

I really like impressive videos. This video is a timelapse series about Yosemite
Park. Nature “filmed” with a professional camera looks real beautiful and
moving, too! A young team has made effort to take the timelapse series and put
the pictures into a really nive video scenery. Watch for yourself and enjoy!

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Controllable RGB LED light from Ikea?

What sounds near impossible to you, seems to have come true because of the endurance
of an amateur craftsman. His idea was to enhance a simple LED nightlight from Ikea with
a bluetooth controller and make it controllable with his android phone. Doesn’t work?
It sure does. And on his blog, you get the source code and instructions for your ideas!

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PIPA now scheduled later in US Senate

After a big uproar about PIPA worldwide, the US Senate has set out the ballot for the
PIPA law that would have led the internet into more and more censoring than now.
The most actual case of protest has come from the english Wikipedia, who has blacked
out it’s site for 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday. With success ans you see now!

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Review: A-Solar Powerbank 7000

Usually I don’t do many reviews on gadgets and hardware. In this case I could not resist
to tell you about an item one could desperately need when the cell phone squeaks and
begging for power. You all know that crappy situation: You’re out for party etc. and you
want to show your friends some cool stuff. What happens? No more battery!

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Another way to read your newspaper

This guy had a great idea how to automatize the flip of a newspaper page.
Just with the sip of his coffee mug, he starts off a big chain reaction and finally
the page is turned. Although I prefer a less destructive way for turing a page…
However the idea is nce and the video is nicely made. But watch for yourself.

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CES: Full-HD, Quad FullHD, SHV

Okay, you all know about FullHD. Nothing much to explain here. Quad FullHD
with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels is about to come to us (also known as 4k)
BBC and NHK think, that Quad FullHD isn’t satisfying enough for the upcoming
London Olympic games in 2012. SHV (Super Hi-Vision) is the answer!

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Perfectly edged the AI…

Today I thought: Would it be possible to push the AI back into the utmost
edge field of a chessboard while maintaining 3 Queens and 8 Rooks?
Just for aesthetic reasons? I played almost 30 rounds to find out!
Mostly I ran into stalemate or checkmated it before my goal!

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The iPad 3 – Coming to us in February 24th?

So… Apple again. Rumors say that the new iPad 3 will be presented on February 24th, as
it is the birthday of Steve Jobs who passed away this year on October 5th. What’s most
interesting, is that there are also plans for a small form-factor iPad with a 7inch screen.
It’s probably only a rumor but hey, other companies have all sizes in their portfolio!

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WordPress and FancyBox 3.x

It seems as if also my blog cannot be spared form plugin issues.In this case it was the newest
release of FancyBox for WordPress which is, in my opinion, a cool plugin to pep up the blog
especially when using lots of images in a post or page. So what did I do to get the newest
version to work properly. The author posted a tweet asking everyone to default the settings,

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Last year, deep winter, this year, not?

Well, the weather is kinda odd this year. Horror news about increasing climatic temps,
more greenhouse gas effect and the ongoing pollution of the earth are probably the
cause for this year’s winter to start later. Or finally never… who knows. At least the
temperatures are rather mild for November. So hopefully winter will still come.

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Around the USA in 5 minutes

Not less than 55 days, 12.255 miles, and over 200’000 pictures later,
a so-called time-lapse video showing a roundtrip from New York (NY)
south to Florida (FL) then west to California (CA) north to Washington (WA) and
then east back to New York has been made up. Travel the USA in 5 minutes!

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40 years Intel!

Today, Intel celebrates it’s 40th birthday. Exactly On November 15th, 1971,
the first Microprocessor with integrated circuitry has been publicly released.
With 2’300 transistors clocked at initially 108 kHz, later 0.7 MHz, the
processor was able to do 92’600 instructions per second.

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So that’s censoring in Germany!

Well… As you have probably noticed, my video from the lightshow
Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz 2011 in Bern may not be available to all users. The reason:
The Music industry, that wants to have control over everything that deals with music
and motion pictures. Sure… copyrights have to be saved… but this way?

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November 13, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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20th anniversary of the webcam

This story describes how the webcam got invented. A small idea grown during
the question on how full a coffee machine’s can in a distant office room is.
Quentin Stafford-Fraser picked up the idea to remotely watch the coffee can by
a camera pointing to the coffee machine shooting a picture every 20 seconds.

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Too much Nintendo gaming…

It seems that this young man has spent much time on his NES/SNES.
Why? Because he’s very good at replaying the tunes of the various games on
his violin. The results are on the one hand funny on the other hand also
amazing. There’s not much to say about it. Enjoy the show!

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Siri on iPhone 4?

So… when checking the web again, I found something really disturbing!
The iPhone 4S is yet really desired and waiting times for Apple’s newest
smartphone is at up to three weeks. One of it’s most advertized features:
Siri! Apple says that Siri is demanding lots of CPU power. True?

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