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The golden October…

Yesterday I decided again to visit the Gurten, a local mountain of Bern. Very
quickly to reach thanks to the excellent public mass transit system and even
the train up to the Gurten is covered by my subscription ticket. Finally the
weather also meant well with around 20 degrees. Time to hike then!

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Something funny for the mid-week…

Just two more days to go to enjoy the weekend. These ones have been sent to me by
Pianoman! Thanks for the great stuff. Couldn’t laugh more. And let alone the fact about
the different sites (Google, Facebook, etc..) – it’s so damn true. So for y’all others:
Check the pics in this post. Have a nice wednesday evening!

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So fast the weekend has passed…

…and with it my stay in Munich. As it is very late now, I am going to upload the pics and
videos tomorrow. The corresponding post(s) will be updated. Please check back
tomorrow for more to come. Enjoy the rest (40 minutes) of the weekend and begin the
new week with power and good feelings!

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Fun with road signs…

You probably know these giant text boards that give drivers in USA informations about
dangers and other obstacles on the road or when something important is broadcasted on
radio. Somehow these signs lack of security from being hacked. Reason enough for some
guys to use this security leak to have fun. The results make you grin at minimum…

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The nature and the Guinness World Records

The nature always has some strange yet spectacular things to offer. One of them
might grow on the hands of Chris Walting, a 45-years-old female singer from
Las Vegas. She has officially entered the Guinness Book Of Records when she
had her nails measured in New York. Her nails have grown for 18 years now!

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Quick and painless…

…that’s what you would think of if you read these values: 6.4 metres long, 1070 kg heavy
and a 70 cm long gorge with many spiky teeth. But having killed a Buffalo and a fisherman,
this big saltwater crocodile can be for sure considered vicious and being described as a
real beast that has been finally caught with the help of 100 men!

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The nature and their secrets…

Today I stumbled over a really frightening article on my favourite news portal.
You all know wasps. Tiny yellow-black, really annoying buzzers whose stings can be
real painful. They bother you when you’re eating, they bother you even when you’re
just sunbathing. So what am I talking about now? Anything bigger? A hornet? Nope!!!

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In the Münster of Freiburg

Today I was in the Münster of Freiburg As you can imagine, Münster churches are bigger
than regional churches. And when you know of the size of the Cologne Dom or the Ulmer
Münster, you will probably know of their size also. Is the Frauenkirche in Munich also very
big, the Münster of Freibug is a lot larger. As cameras aren’t liked inside, I used my iPhone…

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