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Nature can be spooky…

videoIf you see 20m tall trees vanishing then you make yourself think about
what made them vanish. In this video, some boaters are just filming a
tree group sinking into a giant sinkhole in Assumption Perish, Louisiana.
The sinkhole is the result of a hidden gas and oil reservoir below the lake.

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Nature can be cruel… indeed!

movie-iconWhile laughing at a cool Garfield strip where Jon gets hit by a
lightning and sobbering about it to Garfield, the young man in
the following video had much more luck, then exprected. Why?
Watch the video and you’ll have the answer with no doubt!

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Coldness, Snow and rain…

snowflakeAs if the gray weather wouldn’t be annoying enough, the weather
forecast for the upcoming days isn’t as thrilling as expected. Snow
down to the flatlands isn’t what one is expecting towards June!
So hopefully the weather will change soon again!

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Crazy weather

C’mon weather, what’s wrong with you? First you give us sun, 24 degrees
and blue sky and today it’s rainy, above 600 metres snow is falling, in 1000
metres we have 30 to 80cm snow. That’s just crazy! While on Thursday the
temperature was at 24 degrees, it fell to 6 degrees on friday.

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Swimming power plants

What sounds like SciFi or an element of SimCity, isn’t just some fiction.
A turkish power company has specialized in decentralized engery delivery
and has floating power plants in their repository. Big vessels, with a length
of 145 metres (over 500ft) and 46 metres width…

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Lions are not tameable… – WRONG!

Lions are known to be wild beasts that can rip a fully-gron man into pieces
with ease. But what happens if a lion grows up in a human family and then
released into wilderness after many, many years? This video shows: Even
wild beasts have a memory and remember whom they can trust!

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March 18, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Deep sea world

Ever wondered what the world in 7 miles depth of water is looking like?
With a water pressure of 110’000’000 pascals there should be no life
ever possible. But you’ll be surprised what kind of water animals you’re
seeing down there. Impressive and thrilling also.

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The eternal flames in Devil’s Hole

In Derweze, Turmenistan, a nature spectacle is burning eternally. In 1971
a drilling company has found a cavern under the drilling site, filled with
natural gas. Since the company feared that the gas is poisonous, the best
idea was to burn it and hope that the fire will extinguis in days.

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Turtles are cute… NOT!

If you think of turtles, you may probably think of the cute little shy animal
crawling slowly over the ground and being lazy. When you watch these
videos, you might reconsider your thoughts about these animals as they
can be vicious, too! And I learned today: Turtles can be carnivores!

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Some cute cat it is!

Cats can be good attention payers, as this video is prooving. If you ever
have played the nutshell game, then you know that it’s difficult to follow
the ball under the nutshell every time. Also I have failed several times when
playing a game like this on the iPhone. This cat however can’t be fooled!

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Afraid of spiders? Better not watch this!

Well… I have seen lots in my life so far but a sky full of tangling spiders…
well, I must admit that I will consider not living at one of these spots ever.
I usually have no arachnophobia but I don’t need one of these running free
in my home also. They usually meet a book or a glass for carryout.

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Breaking news: Meteor has hit the earth!

What sounds like a polt to a B-SciFi-Movie got real today. A meteor has hit
earth today in the morning. Parts have hit the ground at Lake Cherbakul.
The touchdown was so hefty that the shock wave has burst many windows
and hurt approximately 1000 people so far. Some videos show the meteor.

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When giant glaciers break off

Nature offers many spectaculous moments. Due to global warming however
there are also frightening events when glaciers split ice plates that have the
size of Manhattan Financial District. One such Glacier calving has been held
on camera and shows imoressively what happens upon such a giant ice drift.

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No bday candles blowout in Australia

If it comes to the mind of the Australian Health Organisation, birthday
candle blowouts in australian kindergardens are no longer recommended.
Reason for this is a study that points out that most of the infections of kids
occur at birthdays when the birthday child is blowing out the candles.

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February 9, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Tumbleweed and their roadblock ability

Known usually from western films in silent situations, these rolling bushes
also known as tumbleweed, seem to have developed an ability to block the
road. This phenomenon is seen when the tumbleweed plants get mature and
detach from the roots. blown away by wind, they roll and spread their seed.

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Man and Dolphin – They still trust us!

If there are really touching videos on the web, this is probably one of them.
A dolphin is swimming very close to a diver group distinctively signalizing
that it has something that hurts and hindering it from proper swimming.
By time one of the divers has recognized the reason… and could help!

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