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Shit’n’Dine – Weird restaurant themes

videoEver thought of a restaurant where you sit on a toilet bowl? Or even eat
out of one? In Los Angeles, a new eatery has opened with toilets as theme.
The result looks quite disturbing yet funny, however it may not hit
everyone’s taste. Interesting to see that such weird ideas still come true.

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Rendezvous Bern 2013 on the Go!

logo_whiteNow the statistics are official: Rendezvous bern 2012 has attracted no
less than 500’000 spectators have seen the lightshow that illuminated
the federal parliament building in Bern in 2012 and 2011. In 2011
330’000 people have watched the lightshow. A good result!

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And the freedom Tower is spiked!

videoToday, the building got it’s spire mounted and is again the tallest building in
New York since the Twin Towers collapsed on Sept 11, 2001. The building’s
height of exactly 1’776 feet is a tribute to the Independence Year of the USA. A
camera team has recorded the spectacular view from the lifted spire.

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Swimming power plants

What sounds like SciFi or an element of SimCity, isn’t just some fiction.
A turkish power company has specialized in decentralized engery delivery
and has floating power plants in their repository. Big vessels, with a length
of 145 metres (over 500ft) and 46 metres width…

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How large ships are built (timelapse)

Ever wondered how these huge freight carriers, which have a length of more
than 1000 feet, are built and then watered? Then you should watch this 75
seconds timelapse and your question should be answered. Maersk and a
shipyard in Korea have built the largest freight carrier, recording the result.

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Fascination Wood

Ever wondered how solid wood can be? Well, an austrian architects team has
planned an office building with 24 metres height and 7 floors over ground.
The building today is now operating as usual. Not only is the construction of
this building less CO2 emmiting, it also is of regeneratiing materials.

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