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Germany wins FIFA World Cup 2014!

WM2014DEGermany has fought hard, they had moments of fear, fight, sweat, thrill…
But finally they were able to win the fourth star on their football shirt.
The final game against Argentina was the hardest and most thrilling one!
120 minutes played and the 112th minute brought the final happiness!

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The cleverer give in – Epic Basketball Fail

oscar-icon-64This is indeed a spectacular fail during a sports event. A basketball player
celebrates his slam dunk in a rather unusual way and wanted to impress
the spectators. The basketball hoop however thought itself: “I must teach
this guy a lesson on how not to treat me!” – The result: Pain and damage!

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Rendezvous Bern 2013 on the Go!

logo_whiteNow the statistics are official: Rendezvous bern 2012 has attracted no
less than 500’000 spectators have seen the lightshow that illuminated
the federal parliament building in Bern in 2012 and 2011. In 2011
330’000 people have watched the lightshow. A good result!

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Why cellphones are bad for relationships

oscar-icon-64Or: Things you shouldn’t do at a baseball game, especially when
you’re there with your girlfriend. This or a similar sentence would
be useful for this boy who thought, his call was more important
than his girlfriend and their debute on the Jumbotron…

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Bomb terror in Boston

It seems as if the USA aren’t allowed to come to rest. Today, two bombs
have interrupted the Marathon currently ongoing. The explosions had
so much power to cause about 150 injuries and three dead among which
there was also an eight-year old. An act of revenge?

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Serena Williams and her short temper

Ain’t no good day for Serena Williams as she got kicked out of the
tournament by a 19-years-old player. When she lost the game, she decided
to destroy her racket. Seems as if she can’t cope with losses. A dropout in
a tournament is annoying, sure, but short tamper is not the right path!

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