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AMD producing CPU/GPU for 4G consoles

AMD has hit the honeypot. It seems as if both, XBox Next and Playstation 4
are using the new 8-core Jaguar Processor from AMD. Reasons for their
decision may be that the processor has much lower heat dissipation, easier
manufacturing process as the processor can be built in many foundries.

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What 2013 will bring us…. gadget-related!

Not one year without new gadgets for technic enthusiasts. So is 2013 also no
exception and the first gadgets have already been shown on the CES or at
least announced. So let’s start: The Huawei Ascend Mate, a smartphone-tablet
with a 6.1 inch display will hit stores approx in March 2013.

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Rumors about an iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5 was not the big hope Apple has seen it initally. Sales of the
next-Gen iPhone are rather mediocre. And this has already been reflected
by the Apple stock shares as they have lost about 20% of their highest value.
Apple has to do something to be back on tracks. Is the iPhone 5S the answer?

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When Windows Phone asks for a CD…

…or: “Hey Windows, you know what you’re running on, eh?”. When a user
tried to flash the ROM of his Windows smartphone, the phone suddenly asked
for an installation media. The problem is: Windows 8 comes on a DVD. So how
do you get a DVD recognized by the smartphone?

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Samsung UE60ES6300: Big TV, small price

When it comes to updates at my place, these are rare when we have to deal
with expenses beyond the 1000 CHF border. So that’s why the upgrade of my
TV set has taken over 6 years in a rather fast common update cycle. Don’t get
me wrong. I am not Mr. Pinchpenny but such expenses are well-considered.

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Netspark goes 150 MBit

When it comes to fast internet, one might think, Switzerland is not able to
provide fast Internet. Well think again. While many citizen of Switzerland
already have internet connections with over 16 MBit/s, most citizen in
Germany still hope to get fast DSL (6 Mbit/s)!

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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 first with 8-core SoC?

Just as the first quadcore devices hit stores for everyone, Samsung’s plans
leaked that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 could be one of the first mobile
devices equipped with an 8-core CPU. Natively we speak of two 4-core CPUs
as octocore SoCs are not yet available or designed to a working state.

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CES 2013 – Memory gone smaller – again!

So, the CES allows us to see what we will get in the next year. Even in the
computing sector we have new things to expect. Kingston, known for
memory chips finally brings out a 1TB memory stick to carry a whole bunch
of data around with you. Although the price tag of over 1’000 US$ is high…

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CES 2013 – The new trends from Samsung

While the CES is open for exhibition on January,8 to January,11 this year
manufacturers from all countries from the entertainment industry are
presenting their newest gadgets to the public. Samsung starts first and shows
it’s newest TV set. Looking like a painting easel, it seems to float in the room.

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Can a perfect headphone still be better?

In search for good headphones and probably with the option to make phone
calls with these, too, the market of headphones is really thin. Either you
have in-ears that often tend to fall out during listening or even the slightest
tuck on the cable or you have on-ears that lack of a microphone.

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