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When “Officers” loose their temper

movie-iconIt’s not often that you see officers let their fists speak prior to
using their gun. In this case, the “officer” was a short-tempered
woman who ordered the witnesses of an accident on a mall
ground not to take pictures or film the accident.

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Rendezvous Bern 2013 on the Go!

logo_whiteNow the statistics are official: Rendezvous bern 2012 has attracted no
less than 500’000 spectators have seen the lightshow that illuminated
the federal parliament building in Bern in 2012 and 2011. In 2011
330’000 people have watched the lightshow. A good result!

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The XBox One has been revealed!

Xbox-logoMicrosoft’s new console is now finally presented to the public.
The XBox One as it is officially called, combines Media Player,
Media Center, Game console and social media hub into one
tiny box. Due to so many infos, it is best to watch the video.

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Why cellphones are bad for relationships

oscar-icon-64Or: Things you shouldn’t do at a baseball game, especially when
you’re there with your girlfriend. This or a similar sentence would
be useful for this boy who thought, his call was more important
than his girlfriend and their debute on the Jumbotron…

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The Box – Probably a must-see?

videoWhen it comes to SciFi and good thrillers, one can catch my attention fast.
In this case, a good friend of mine has pulled my attention showing me a
trailer about a little device with only one button. But pushing this button
has a far-reaching consequence. The Apple and the snake.

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Cool ads

videoI really hate ads. Mostly they interrupt your favourite show, they distract you
from the actual story of a film and they’re annoyingly often put in between.
But when you have some time to spare and find such ads by accident or via
other websites, they can become cool.

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And the iPad IS versatile and convenient!

Or… The Batter has a talent to hit balls the way it wasn’t supposed to be!
At least this older man had luck while filming a baseball game not to be
injured by a foul ball. It was only the iPad that got knocked down but
still seems to work well. Cool action though it was sorta quick!

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Don’t do this with your dad’s car…

Cruising around in a car (especially when you got your driver’s licence…)
However there’s one little thing you should be aware of: KNOW YOUR CAR
FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! – In this case, the young driver did everything
wrong what one could do wrong and the result is predictible.

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iPhone 5 domino

Dominoes with millions of stones are already very impressing. But what
about 10.000 iPhones faling so timed with video animation that it would
make a competely animated domino image. Although it is said that spe-
cially modified iPhone 5 with NFC, it’s hard to tell, if this is real.

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Swimming power plants

What sounds like SciFi or an element of SimCity, isn’t just some fiction.
A turkish power company has specialized in decentralized engery delivery
and has floating power plants in their repository. Big vessels, with a length
of 145 metres (over 500ft) and 46 metres width…

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And Star Wars is reachable…

What sounds like a bad joke or a nerd watching too much SciFi series, is
the hard truth. A guided laser system (LaWS as the US Navy calls it) is able
to seek and destroy potential dangerous flying objects. Tested with a drone
the ship burnt the birdie down into the ocean.

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Idiots never learn – Today: Crushed balls

I really wonder if pain is so alluring that some people switch off their brain
and do silly things, a normal person would never think of, no matter how
spectacular it would be. This guy however is one of those who seem to
destroy their descendant’s future. Oh, and girls don’t like scrambled eggs!

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Lessons for Thieves: Gas station is a no-no!

Ther e are situations when money is needed. And thieves are most creative
when it comes to achieving the goal of filling the hole in the pocket with
money. Some try to break in (and fail), others try to rip out the entire ATM
(and got caught), these guys thought, let’s do a gas station with an ATM!

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Gray weather, boring! – Where’s spring?!

You know, I was complaining about winter in the past. The temperature
has already risen over zero although 3 degrees Celsius aren’t that warm
either. But what bothers me most is the everyday-gray that is dominating
the whole weeks for the last three months. Where’s spring and the sun?!

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Time flies by so fast…

Sweet jimminee… the day started at 7 a.m. for me today and before you
can look, the day’s over. No time for anything. Hurrying home to fetch my
dart gear and fight another tournament today. So there’s noting much
to see here today except a funny video a good colleague mailed me earlier.

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April 2, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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When trends go wrong: Harlem Shake

Of course new styles tend to be imitated in no time. But when ridiculousness and
bad accident happen together, the laugh is always on the loser! And besides this,
the principal of that school wouldn’t have looked happy either when seeing one
of the showcases’ glass doors broken. If the principal has seen this video also?

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