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The cleverer give in – Epic Basketball Fail

oscar-icon-64This is indeed a spectacular fail during a sports event. A basketball player
celebrates his slam dunk in a rather unusual way and wanted to impress
the spectators. The basketball hoop however thought itself: “I must teach
this guy a lesson on how not to treat me!” – The result: Pain and damage!

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Zynga more and more in the crisis?

It seems as if the new year ain’t starting well for Zynga, which is famous for
some games in Facebook, amonst them Zynga Poker, Farmville and other
microecologically touched games that require the purchase of virtual goods
to gain advantages over freeplay gamers.

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Test: Microsoft Touch Mouse

Another hardware test. Believe it or not but I recently have acquired a
Microsoft hardware and want to compare it against the primus Logitech
who brings in the TouchMouse M600. What makes me test the Microsoft
rodent anyways? I thought, why not check out Microsoft hardware.

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Don’t mess with the cops – NYPD

Another news just came in. When you have ruffle with the police, you’d better
not screw with the cops. In Harlem, a young man has been striked down with
not less than 84 bullets! The man has been put on file for potential murder of a
13 years old girl he is supposed to have shot. Domestical turbulences…

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League A Darting – An experience…

Since beginning of March I am in a dart team together with one of my friends.
What I didn’t know is that we’re currently in League A class which means the
teams are playing like Pro’s. I noticed when I saw most of the other teams’
players score more then 60 points in average. So how’s darting then?

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Summertime, here we come…

So… did you all set your clocks one hour ahead? I didn’t have to deal with that as
my clocks are all radio-controlled and thus set theirselves automatically. The only
thing I noticed that club owners had to deal with one hour less and close earlier.
So when you go to work, you may start off in the dark but return with sun!

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Merry Christmas to you all!

I hope you all enjoy christmas with your beloved ones and are not staying at home alone!
I wish you some pleasant, quiet, relaxing and soothening days for your convenience. And
remember to all the people you know. Let them known that you think about them and if it
is only a shortmessage from your cell phone!

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The bizarre antarctic underwater world…

This video shows a ‘brinicle’, sort of a tornado made of ice that grows from the
swimming ice shelfs down to the ground of the sea. And when touching the
ground, it kills all life that tries to pass the freeze border. A spectacular
timelapse film made by a sea scientists team under heavy conditions.

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Wednesday… my return to Bern again!

I guess, you already missed my longer posts during my absence. So did I miss a fully
functioning Internet! Unbelievable but today you feel sorta naked if you donĀ“t have
your usual ways of communication available for your convenicence. At least even
the smallest ‘nest’ does have an internet terminal to keep in touch with the world!

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Ever wanted to know…

…where all those airplanes you see on the sky are going to?
I always wondered about the immense amount (spotting almost 5 or 6 planes on the sky
above Bern on a busy day!). More and more modern planes are equipped with a special
GPS sender that allows them to send their position to the different ground controls.

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Funny Pranks

Things you’d better not do at your community or you consider cleaning the mess afterwards!
However the preparations are made very detailed and carefully…
So if you want to have a laugh or two, you might find the following video an inspiration
for a new prank…

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